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sweetondean’s Spoiler-lite Preview - Supernatural 8.15 “Man’s Best Friend with Benefits”

So here we are at episode 15 of 23…man, it’s going fast.

And so much has shifted and changed. As we rocket towards the end game of the season with the storylines laid out, I’m just waiting for them all to twist and turn and meet each other.
After where we left off last week – what’s in store now? More good bro vibes?

Kevin is yet to decipher the rest of the tablet, so I guess for the Winchesters until he does…it’s business as usual.
So let’s take a look at this week’s episode.
Sam and Dean made themselves at home in the MoL bunker.
Kevin made himself sick on ground up hooves and pigs anuses.
We found out there are 3 trials (unless the tablet part deux has another 3)!
In order to complete the first trial and kill a Hellhound, the brothers donned sexy safety glasses (that according to Tara Larsen were Prada)!
The brothers spoke to each other openly with words of love and support for the first time in AGES!
A whole lot of us cried.
Sam ended up delivering the fatal blow to the Crowley’s puppy and his arm lit up like a Christmas tree…..
“Oh god! Freakin’ witches! Seriously man, come on!
And why does the rabbit always get screwed in the deal? Poor little guy”.
Actually I don’t think there are any bunnies…but there’s one sexy bitch…well actually she’s a bit of a dog… OH COME ON! I HAD TO SAY IT….. Read more